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Exposing The Big Secret!: Why DEI Efforts Fail

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Since the political, social, and racial unrest of 2020, most companies have rushed to implement some form of an initiative focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The need was established by the egregious nature of just a few of the inflammable incidents of 2020. But, however well-intended some of the implementation plans are, THE BIG SECRET is the plans of organizations are sometimes obstructed from the inside by hidden enemies – some members of leadership and staff. DEI consultants were engage. They gave presentations, webinars, podcasts, training and development and sent out newsletters. However, handled improperly without the precision of a sustainable framework, all efforts may have resulted in developing more enemies than allies.

Long lasting, culture changing, DEI initiatives must be handled holistically to avoid the pitfalls that accompany superficial forms of engagement, which will prove to be counterintuitive by creating further tension. Many companies have individuals, leadership included who either do not understand, do not want to participate in, or just do not agree with the call and response for the initiatives, so companies who aspire to make a difference and create new company culture need a highly-standardized framework to guide the work which moderates any opposition or reluctance.

Remember, DEI touches people at their most personal level; it must be handled principally with care, sincerity, and compassion, and not as another line-item. Though many of the occurrences that created this urgent need bubbled up as a byproduct of politics; DEI is not rooted in the political, it is rooted in humanity. Being inclusive by welcoming, and encouraging diversity are universal characteristics of goodwill among humans and critically important to our society. And the framework of accreditation drives continuous improvement with sustainable solutions, opportunities, actions and responses such as our S.O.A.R. accreditation. SOAR accreditation is nurturing and provide a process to support everyone in the organization with where they are in their growth and development with DEI and assists them will taking the necessary steps to the next level. An accreditation process ensures that everyone has a solid understanding to enable them to get on board and engaged. The National Accrediting Commission for Diversity and Inclusion is the only accreditation agency in the United States with a specialized focused on DEI. Become an accredited organization today and SOAR to new heights in DEI!

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